Markham Woods Area Homes for Sale

Located in Lake Mary, Florida, Markham Woods Corridor is considered one of the most desirable areas to live in Seminole County. The corridor offers luxury living in communities such as Heathrow, Heathrow Woods, Magnolia Plantation, Alaqua Lakes, Alaqua, Wingfield, and Mandarin. The area boasts custom-built estate homes with stunning architecture and elegant  detail. To the west of the Markham Woods Corridor, you will find the Florida in all of its natural beauty, with Seminole State Forest, Wekiva Springs and the Rock Springs Run State Preserve right around the corner. The Wekiva River running along the border and ending at Wekiva Springs State Park further enhances the natural charm of the corridor. The combination of luxurious living spaces and proximity to these natural wonders offers residents a unique lifestyle that harmoniously integrates modern comforts with the serenity of nature. Overall, the Markham Woods Corridor is a great location providing a balance between luxury living and a connection to the outdoors.

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